Rose Gold & Pastel Pink

The design world went crazy over gold and then copper tones- and for good reason! Silver and grey tones dominated the mid 2000’s and the richness these warm metallics brought was refreshing, to say the least. Now that copper has made it’s stamp in interiors, we are seeing lots of new shades emerge! Like what champagne is to gold, rose gold is the partner to copper! A more muted, less saturated version softens the look and feels light and playful. Pairing pastel pinks, shades of nude and blush tones with this versatile metal is our favourite way to add  a feminine and hip punch to a space!

rose quartz

Make it pop!

Pick a few key places to showcase this duo. A bold pendant light, an accent wall, or a throw or two can really update a space and feel modern and warm without getting too saccharine. Thin rose gold detailing in the marble mosaic below is a chic and sophisticated way to get a hint of personality and the art deco styling oozes style.

Stunning rose gold and marble mosaic tile from AKDO.

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